File Rename but not able to replace

Hi All,

I am facing one issue in one of the scenario. Please Help.

I have a source file name in source path Ex: a_b_abc_test_120_7568.xml
I want to rename this file in different format Ex: a_babctest_120_7568.xml
I have written one code in mapper and changed the format.but after changing the format i want to replace the original file with the renamed filename and delete the original one.

If the file is located on any of the following locations, you can easily achieve this by using File Operation:

local file (file:///), FTP, SFTP, S3, WASB, and WASBS

If we’re talking about a file that is on SLDB, than the following pipeline should do the job:

Rename & Delete old.slp (7.7 KB)

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Have you checked documentation.

File Operation supports “Rename” as well.

Thanks @gowdhaman008 I did using file operation

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