File writing using smb path

Hi Good day,

I am trying to write a file in the remote desktop server . Instead of hardcoding the data I have parametrized certain fields as we have sequential child execution running for each country.

This is my path:

+Country+’/CALL_EXTRACT/EXTRACT_OUTBOUND/’+(,10).replaceAll(’-’,’’)+" AZ_Veeva_Activity_Call_Detail_OUTBOUND+"_"+_Country+".csv"

It is showing parsing error at “EXTRACT_OUTBOUND” . Please help in getting this resolved.



Please try with the below path :

“smb://$/Dataloader/IE/REPORT_EXTRACT/Country/CALL_EXTRACT/EXTRACT_OUTBOUND/”+(,10).replaceAll(’-’,’’)+" AZ_Veeva_Activity_Call_Detail_OUTBOUND"+"_"+_Country+".csv"

Spiro Taleski

Hi Taleski,

Thanks so much it works when I changed the plex to Groundplex . Moreover for writing the files in SMB does “File operation” snap works , I could find that the operation is not supported when writing the file from source to target within a server , however the same approach works well in the case of S3 writer.




Operation performed : Copy

Plex used :Groundplex ( by changing the plex to cloudplex the file writer snap fails )


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