Generate Avro Schema and DDL (to create Hive Table) based on Oracle Table Metadata

Created by @pkona

Integrations involving ingesting data into Hive requires creating tables on Hive and creating the schema for data formats like Avro.

This pattern generates the AVRO schema based on querying the table metadata for a Oracle table. It also generates the create table statement for Hive.

Both the schema file and DDL file are written to HDFS, SnapLogic Database and returned as output of the pipeline.


Sources: Oracle Table
Targets: Generate Hive table create statement and AVRO schema
Snaps used: JSON Generator, Oracle Execute, Hive Execute, Mapper, Copy, Join, JSON Formatter, File Writer, Pipeline Execute


Pattern 3 - Step 1.1 - Ingest - Generate Hive table Avro based on Oracle Table metadata.slp (22.0 KB)
Pattern 3 - Core - Write schema to HDFS.slp (8.2 KB) (child pipeline called by the ingest pipeline)

Please share if you have any sample to extract from oracle and create a parquet format in hive.