Getting "Bad request" error while using REST POST snap

I am using REST POST snap to connect to an end point. Snap details are shown in the screenshot.
When I execute the snap, it returns the following error:

“status code = 400, reason phrase = Bad Request, refer to the error_entity field in the error view document for more details.”

When I use Postman, it is working fine. I just provide the end point and call it using POST method. The REST API should return something like “email: This field is required…”.
I am expecting the same result when I use REST POST snap. However, the snap is returning “400: bad request” error.

Could you please let me know what the issue could be?


Open error view on the Rest Post Snap, and check the “error_entity” field inside the error.

“error_entity” field should contain the specific error message.

Spiro Taleski

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Thank you, Spiro.

Error view showed me the details. We can mark this post as resolved.

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