Google REST API Error

Hello Everyone,

We are using REST Post snap to push files to a Google Drive. The pipeline is working as expected but when we schedule the pipeline, it is throwing 400 error after running for couple of times.

Following is the error that we see

Error Reason : Snap errors: {ruuid=0123456789, label=gDrive - Meta Data Config, failure=Error reading account, reason=Snapi request failed: {"response_map": {"error_list": [{"message": "Request from returned an error (response code: 400, response: {\n  \"error\": \"invalid_request\",\n  \"error_description\": \"Missing required parameter: refresh_token\"\n})"}]}, "http_status_code": 500}, resolution=null}

Btw, we enabled auto_refresh token option in REST OAuth2 Account Still the issue remains same.

Please let us know if anyone has faced this issue before or has any idea on how to fix this one.


When you look at the refresh token value in the OAuth2 account, is it blank, do you see -1, or do you see a random string? Ultimately, the auto-refresh behavior comes down to the target API - some provide a refresh token by default, some do not, and some require a special scope or parameter to indicate that that a refresh token should be provided. For Google APIs, it looks like an auth query parameter of access_type=offline would be the one thing to test.

Thanks for the reply @rsramkoski

Following is the screenshot of Google Account. I already configured access_type as offline.

When I manually refresh the token or when I authorize the account, the pipeline is running for couple of mins before it endup in access token error.

Did you get this issue resolved? I am encountering the same issue as well.