How to drop only one field?

Does anyone know of a way to drop one field out of twenty. So far the only way I have found is to use a mapper, uncheck the passthrough, and put all the other fields (19) in the Expression/Target path area manually which is a pain. Is there a way to alter the “Mapping Root*” field to use $ - $unwantedfield ?

You can use a Mapper with Passthrough enabled, set the Expression column to the path to be deleted, and leave the Target Path empty:

The “Leave blank to delete source path” text in the target field is supposed to guide the reader in this direction. I guess it’s not working too well…

@tstack, this worked now, but I know i previously got errors saying I had to have a target path.

Just don’t put the field at all in the list. E.g. where $unwantedField is, make that blank and leave Target Path blank.