Implementation of OAuth 1.0

Hey Guys, so we have the following usecase:

  1. Talk to third party API that is protected by OAuth 1.0
  2. There is no out of the box support for this in Snap , so we need to built that custom logic in the pipeline

custom logic is quite complex , and also involves cryptographic signing of requests. The inbuilt digest function doesnt match the function signature that suits us.

what are our options?

i looked at the script snap , it kind of seems to be the only possible solution but i am not really sure if that is the right approach.

How about building a custom Snap? Has any one had any experience in building the custom snaps ? what would be the lifecycle and is it worth the effort?

And lastly with reference to script snap , can i refer other scripts in my script snap.


Were you @raghav.chamarthy able to get this working using script snap? I am trying to integrate with Twitter ads API which is again based on OAuth1. Snaplogic does have Twitter OAuth1 but I am trying to make OAuth1 functional using script Snap so it can be useful without adding twitter snap pack for additional $$.

@dmiller looking forward to your comment if you can help.
cc: @smanoharan