Import WSDL documents feature in SOAP Execute Snap

Can anyone explain the option:“Import WSDL documents” in SOAP Execute snap?

To me, it seems like if I select it, every time when the snap call the SOAP API, it will read the WSDL file first, then make the API call.

If I ignore it, then when the snap call the API, it will just make the API call directly without checking against the WSDL every time.

Is my understanding right?


This option describes how to handle WSDL imports inside of the WSDL file when the snap starts. For example a WSDL file having something inside it like: <wsdl:definition… <wsdl:import location=“alocation.wsdl.wsdl1” namespace=“http://anamespace”>…</wsdl:definition>.

If there are no WSDL imports then the import documents setting should have no effect. If there are WSDL imports in the file and the imported elements are not needed for the API call (for example the import does not define the endpoint, operation) then it may be turned off and still work, but is not expected to increase performance.