Mapper expression required for encoding

Hi Team,
Help required to implement below logic for one field in mapper snap. Please help
API_KEY =“3456789dgghhjh”
var payload = ‘POST\n\n’ + date.toString() + ‘\n’;
hmac = crypto.createHmac(‘sha256’, SECRET);
‘Authorization’: 'INDIA ’ + API_KEY + ‘:’ + hmac.digest(‘base64’),




Not exactly sure what you want the final form to look like, but here is an expression that uses sha256

and Base64#encode

with your sample string to give something similar to what you are looking for I believe. Here is the expression I used given your example. I replaced the SECRET with the actual value and the date with

Base64.encode('POST\n\n' + + '\n' + Digest.sha256("8889999456hhggth74kju"))

Hi ,

How to implement hmac cryptograhy in snaplogic. I need to call an rest api which uses hmac encrytion and the code snippet which I have given is required to be converted in same way in snaplogic to derive the mapper variable