Number of input documents received is more than 0

Hi All,

I have attached a pipeline here and I am running into an issue “Number of input documents received is more than 0” while running this pipeline.

However, I can see the number of documents passed in only one after the router. Can you please suggest what’s wrong here?

HCM Process Assignment Files_2022_06_30.slp (48.6 KB)

1st mapper output -


2nd mapper output -


Couldn’t understand why it always errors out.

What do the HCM Insert Assignment File and HCM Insert Salary File pipelines look like?
It sounds like you may need an open input view on those pipelines.

@dmiller - Thanks for your response. I have uploaded both the child pipelines here, they both have input views.

HCM Insert Assignment File_2022_06_30.slp (20.6 KB)
HCM Insert Salary File_2022_06_30.slp (18.6 KB)

@amit.saroha - it sounds like the message that the Exit snap would provide. If you look in Dashboard at the child pipeline executions, my guess is that you will see one of the snaps that you have the error view enabled and Exit snap attached is actually throwing an error.

Try changing your Exit snap “Exit error message” property to return more information about the actual error. You could change it from the static message to output the entire input document that is coming into the Exit snap which will include the actual error message from the failed snap as well as the input data that caused the error by doing something like the following:

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