Created by @asharifian, SnapLogic

This pattern serves as a triggered task REST endpoint that would allow users to pass in a UPC code and retrieve product details from Salsify. A lookup is done in Oracle for product details and SAP for additional product details as well as the materials that compose the product. That information is then passed into Salsify, an eCommerce platform that will retrieve sales data regarding the product, and send that back to the end-user. Use case is an application integration with Salesforce that can display that information via Salesforce Lightning or Apex.


The material ID from SAP is sent directly to the Salsify Rest GET API to retrieve the eCommerce product sales data.

Sources: Oracle and SAP product and material details tables
Targets: Salsify Products
Snaps used: Mapper, Filter, Oracle - Lookup, SAP Execute, REST Get


Oracle-SAP-Salsify-GetProductByUPC.slp (10.2 KB)