Oracle SQL Declare a column and select today's date into the column

I need to put today’s date in a column called “P_SNAP_DATE”
Oracle stored procedure
Execute Immediate ‘select sysdate from dual’ into P_SNAP_DATE
was working fine in the Oracle.
When I put that sql into Oracle-Execute snap, it gave me below error message.
Can anyone help me on this?
Thank you

Can you provide more context around what you are trying to do? Do you need to perform multiple statements in the execute and this is just the first one? Or do you need the current timestamp in the pipeline?

I want to do exact same thing that Oracle PL/SQL does.

In the Oracle, I created Stored Procedure, that’s like below.

This will be the only statement in this snap

You can add an output view to the Execute snap and use the following in your SQL Statement:

select sysdate as “P_SNAP_DATE” from dual

This will product an output field from the snap as “P_SNAP_DATE” with the current timestamp.

Or, you could do the same thing in a Mapper snap and use as the expression.

That worked! Thank you so much!

Very welcome. Glad it is what you need!