Parent pipeline execution time not matching with snap execution time

We found an issue with parent pipeline execution timings where all the individual snap are taking much less time than the original pipeline. For example, the for each snap is taking 40 seconds, the other snaps (around 15 in total) are taking around 15 seconds. But the pipeline is taking around 1 minutes and 50 seconds. Is this any issue with snaplogic or is this something that is occurring due to any particular snap?

Please note that we are using only basic redshift execute/insert/bulk load snap and postgres insert/execute snaps only.

The Snap execution time only covers the time that the snap was actively trying to process documents. There is still time required to prepare the pipeline and that is added into the Pipeline execution time. Also, if the Snaplex is close to its limit for load, the pipeline can be queued for some amount of time and that is included in the Pipeline execution time. That being said, if you are consistently seeing this amount of difference there may be a performance issue that should be looked at. You might want to contact support and include the runtime IDs for the slow executions.

Thank you for confirming. It looks like a performance issue as we are observing this behavior on a continuous basis. So I will create a ticket with some sample runtime ids.