Pause for 10 to 15 minutes to trigger

In snaplogic is there any feature available while any process going on from third party , can we wait 10 -20 sec to get response, is such feature/logic is available?


@Mahesh7225 There is no in built snap available. You can use below python script to wait. But in case of 10/15mins to wait should use scheduler to trigger.

import time

Import the interface required by the Script snap.

from com.snaplogic.scripting.language import ScriptHook

class TransformScript(ScriptHook):
def init(self, input, output, error, log):
self.input = input
self.output = output
self.error = error
self.log = log

# The "execute()" method is called once when the pipeline is started
# and allowed to process its inputs or just send data to its outputs.
def execute(self):
    while self.input.hasNext():
        data =
        self.output.write(data)"Finished executing the Transform script")

The Script Snap will look for a ScriptHook object in the “hook”

variable. The snap will then call the hook’s “execute” method.

hook = TransformScript(input, output, error, log)

Thanks from reply , Do you have any sample pipeline ?


Below is the sample pipeline that can be used to delay time. Right now this pipeline has delay time of 89 sec, you can change that according to your preference.sleep_2021_01_29.slp (3.7 KB)

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