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How it do insertion faster for redshift

I am trying insert 70K records in loop till a condition is false. Looping logic working fine. But, I see it takes 1 hour to insert 70K records each time. PFA of the pipeline I am executing. Is there a way to perform insertion faster? Any tips would b...

Date formatting

Hi , I am trying to convert a local-date-time format to dd-MMM-yy ( say for eg :13-NOV-19). I tried various methods still could not achieve this . It could be useful if I have a method to achieve this Thanks in advance

Harsha3 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Time difference calculation excluding weekends

Does anyone have a pattern available to determine difference between two timestamps and add the duration to another timestamp, both of which calculations would exclude weekends? For example, three inputs and one output: Baseline start timestampBaseli...

ahouston by New Contributor II
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How to use proxy to setup a sftp connection

file writer snap provides function of sftp, but I don’t see it supports proxy(socks5) in-between? Another way I can think of is to use the script snap and python script to connect, but not sure how to do it? Could anyone give some hint? either an alt...

shuo by New Contributor
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Can I use Dynamic SQL in SnapLogic?

I have a DYNAMIC SQL that I run in SQL Server Query and it runs fine. I am having trouble running the same SQL in the SQL Server - Execute snap. Can someone guide me on what I might need to do to get dynamic SQL running in SnapLogic. This is the mes...

sdoscher by New Contributor III
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