Pipeline expression building

In Database i have field called “Product_ID” i need to update the field with ‘P-00001’ when i execute the first time and Second time when i execute the field should be updated with ‘P-00002’ please give me an solution how to implement using which snap.

Thanks in Advance !!

@darshthakkar @alchemiz Can anyone please help on this

@rjapala You can use a combination of Sequence snap and Mapper snap, as shown below


The expression used for the transformation is “P-%05d”.sprintf($value)


Thank you so much @Dheeraj

I have a doubt here like how do we get each time a new sequence should i check with execute or validate

Like every time trigger the task then should generate the sequence and update the Product_ID

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I have a 10 rows in Database with field name ‘Product_ID’ so in pipeline after getting the field i have to take last number like in ‘P-00010’ i have to take ‘0’ and increment by 1 in pipeline and update back to the database like ‘P-00011’ .
Hope you got my point, Please give me solution

Hello @rjapala,

Try with the following expression in a Mapper Snap:


Let me know if this helps you.


Thank you @AleksandarAngelevski for your reply

This is not working in realtime like i have created trigger task for my pipeline so whenever i hit from postman to the pipeline it should generate new Product id in database.

So iam confused how to solve can you please help me on this

Hi @rjapala,

Good day, here’s an sql script that will update the product_id you can use the sql server execute snap to place the script

update	yourtable
set		product_id = format(convert(int, replace(isnull(product_id,'0'),'P-','')) + 1,'P-0000#')