Reading files from SL manager?

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Do we have the possibility of reading the files that gets generated under snapLogic Manager via File reader?
If yes, should the pipeline be under Shared project space?

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Hey Darsh,

Yes, you can read files that are under the same project space. If you have admin or proper rights, you can even read files from different Project Spaces by specifying the following format of the path:


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@bojanvelevski: If it’s under the same project space, do we need to specify the path?
How do we select those files though?

It depends, if the file is under shared, than the proper syntax would be


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I had accidentally selected an account under File Reader so I wasn’t able to read the files generated in the same project space.

As per my testing, File Reader should have exact filename under File* without the = decorator selected.

File Writer that generates files in SL manager:

File reader that reads file from SL manager:

Same File reader that shows no Account has been selected as its the same project space:

@bojanvelevski: I wanted the excel parser to evaluate formulas so I went ahead with this approach but the final output I get from the above-shared pipeline is an excel file with formula as Text, screenshot below for your reference:


This is the same thing I was trying to achieve in Can we hyperlink inside a mapper snap?

Looping in the SMEs for their suggestions on this one…

CC: @robin @dmiller @Spiro_Taleski @bojanvelevski @siwadon @Supratim @alchemiz

Your Excel Parser comment doesn’t fit with the rest of the thread.

To select a file in the File name field, click on the database icon on the right.

I was trying to read the file from SL manager itself and the pipeline screenshots under this thread represents the same.

I can read the files from SL manager and after reading it, I used the parser as parser snap does have an option of evaluating formulas but didn’t find any luck when the result file was exported.

The solution for this one (workaround) has been discussed on its original thread (Can we hyperlink inside a mapper snap?)

Signing off from this thread.

Thank you everyone for your time and help on this matter.

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