Recommended approach to running multiple REST Post Snaps

Hi, here’s my problem:

I make a call to an API which gets 10 items of data. I then need to call a separate API (REST Post) 10 times, one for each unique item of data returned from the original call. These 10 calls would ideally be run in parallel from a performance perspective.

What’s the best way to achieve this? Because pipeline parameters aren’t passed down the line, the only way I can envisage I could make this work would be to put the entire 10 calls in their own pipeline, use a Pipeline Exec and pass the response from the original call as a pipeline parameter which the 10 calls could then access. But this will still mean calling them in series. I’m pretty new to Snaplogic, and before I build this approach wanted to see if there are better approaches that I’ve missed?

Thanks in advance.

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Can you use a JSON Splitter after your initial call, resulting in 10 documents, which you then pass into a Pipeline Execute with a pool size of 10?

Thanks for that, your reply helped solve another problem I had, I’ll get back when I’ve confirmed its also a solution for this issue.