REST Post -- Getting a 404

Hi all,

I’m new to SnapLogic – any help will be appreciated!

I have an existing process that currently posts a file from a command line/unix script.

I’m trying to change the process to SnapLogic and I believe I have the SnapLogic and the credentials set up right:

When I run this I get the following error:
REST API service endpoint returned error result: status code = 404, reason phrase = Not Found"
The requested URL /emersonMA/load/ was not found on this server.

This is the same location I connect to on the web and in the exiting process.

Any thought on what I might be missing?



I don’t know a ton about Rave but I don’t believe that what you have listed above is a REST endpoint. I think you’re posting to what is typically a webdav path, and so it would expect the filename to be in the path

would likely not result in a 404 but also wouldn’t accomplish what you’re trying to do. I’d double check the API documentation for Rave. Maybe you could get this to work with the REST POST via their API but I think it’d be at a different endpoint.

Hi Mike,

Thanks! I am posting to a webdav path and when I include the file name it gets a 200 return code.

But as you said, it didn’t accomplish what I had hoped – posting the file to the location. The contents from an earlier attempt are still in the file.

This is the command I’m using in my current script right now:

curl -T rave-people.csv -u {id}:{password}

I’ll review the API documentation from RAVE but do you see anything in the script that I might have missed?



I’d try using a PUT instead of POST first, since thats what your curl command does I think.