Rest Post with attachment and form data

Hello Snaplogic gurus,

Can any one give me pointers how I can convert this into snaplogic pipeline?


curl -L -X POST ‘
-H ‘Accept: application/json’
-H 'X-COUPA-API-KEY: xxxxxx
-F ‘attachment[file]=Coupa_Supplier_termsv5.pdf’
-F ‘attachment[type]=file’
-F ‘attachment[intent]=Supplier’

Hi @manohar,

You can use REST POST snap in which you can set header parameters in HTTP header section:

If you want to attach a file to POST service, you have to upload the file in SLDB at first and then you can specify the file in Single file upload: File, as well as the name you want to be used, for instance:

Don’t forget to remove the file (by using File Delete snap) after you call the rest service.



Thanks Lazzo,

How or where can I add this form data?

Hi @manohar,

You use the “HTTP entity” of the snap for the form data (shown in the last print-screen).

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