REST Using Python in Script Snap

What PYTHON library can I use within the script snap to REPLACE the rest snaps? If I had something similar to the requests library(That does an http(s) get, put, and post), I would likely be set.

I have a case that, so far as I am aware now, can NOT be done by the REST snaps, as I need to login in an unsupported way, and get tokens in an unsupported way, and refresh the tokens WITHIN a retry mechanism, that currently requires a snaplogic snap to login, though there seems to be no way to do so, so I would have to replace ALL of the logic.

Without any valid information to the contrary, this is the only way I can do a task that I must do.

I am hoping that the migration document will make this unnecessary, when it comes out, but I want to move forward, just in case.


In general you would probably want to use “urllib” and friends in Script Snap.

It would be more helpful if you would describe the exact requirements/workflow you need, so that the community might be able to determine if/how you can accomplish what you need with the REST (ugh) Snaps.

We use the REST (ugh) Snaps with no less than five different authentication mechanisms, at least two of which require passing an authentication token around. We do not have to resort to scripting with any of them.