Separate array values by index number into objects of matching index numbers

I’m using a REST Get to Rest Post snap and I need to figure out how to separate the values of an array, by index number, and group each value into objects that contain all of the matching index numbers:

Current array formatting

“groceryStore”: {
“name”: “foodland”, “fruits”: {
“appleArray”: [“apple1”, “apple2”, “apple3”],
“orangeArray”:[“orange1”, “orange2”, “orange3”],
“bananaArray”:[banana1”, “banana2”, “banana3”],

Required array formatting

“groceryStore”: {
“name”: foodland”, “fruits”: [
“appleArray”: “apple1”,
“orangeArray”: “orange1”,
“bananaArray”: “banana1”,
“appleArray”: “apple2”,
“orangeArray”: “orange2”,
“bananaArray”: “banana2”,
“appleArray”: “apple3”,
“orangeArray”: “orange3”,
“bananaArray”: “banana3”,

You can use the method to join the arrays together by index. The result will be an array of 3-element arrays, so then a map() will be needed to convert the triples into objects.$groceryStore.fruits.appleArray,
  .map(x => { appleArray: x[0], orangeArray: x[1], bananaArray: x[2] })

Yep! That worked wonderfully. Thank you!

Actual code:$, "translations[*].locale")), (jsonPath(, "translations[*].body")), (jsonPath(, “$translations[*].title”))).map(x => {locale: x[0], body: x[1], title: x[2] })