Setting Password for an Account Created with the SnapLogic Create Snap

I have a requirement to create the Accounts in SnapLogic via the SnapLogic create Snap. Is it possible to set the password during creation? Please advise.

Yes, it’s possible, you should be able to update the account with the password in plaintext. The snap should take care of encrypting the data automatically. For example, in a basic auth account, you could use a Mapper to write the password to the following JSON-Path in the account:


Note that the value you’re writing to that path is an object with a value property that contains the password in plaintext, like so:

{ value: "thepassword" }

Note that when the account is being read, the password field will contain a bunch of other properties, like key, sym_iv, sym_key, and so on. Those extra properties indicate that the object is encrypted, so they must be cleared out. Using the approach above will take care of that.

I was able to get this to work. Thanks for the support, sincerely.