SIngle log file

I have a pipeline which updates records between systems. The pipeline runs on a schedule and some records are not getting updated.

Hence I want to create a log file which is written to everytime the pipeline runs. The log file would hold the date/time of the run and details of the records that were dated and the status.

I can create a new log file every time the pipeline runs, but is there a way to have a log single file for all runs so that it is easier to review?

Only some file systems will allow “Append” actions.
In the file writer snap you will see you can select Append as the action, but in the Tooltip, you will see:
Append file action is supported for FILE, SFTP, FTP, FTPS and ADL protocols only
Choose one of those file protocols to achieve what you seek.

I wanted to store the file as a Snaplogic file for easy access, is that not possible?

The only other way that I can see to get it work, is read the file, add the values and write the file, but I also need logic to create when the pipeline is run fo the first time.