Sopra HR to Cornerstone - Org-Unit Sync

Created by Jocelyn Arcega, SnapLogic.

This pattern is a a Master Data synchronization pipeline between 2 HR applications: Sopra HR and Cornerstone. It uses REST Snaps for integrating with both.


  • Authorization with Sopra HR is non standard and in the message body.
  • Authorization for Cornerstand is OAuth client credentials
  • What’s tricky about this use case is that there are relationships between OUs so they need to be imported in the right order and sequentially, hence why the group by org hierarchy.

Sources: Sopra HR Org-Units
Targets: Cornerstone OUs

Cornerstone Integration - Org-unit Sync pipeline

Snaps used: Mapper, REST Post, REST Get, JSON Splitter, Filter, Conditional, Sort, Group by Fields, Router, Union, Group by N, Pipeline Execute, JSON Formatter, File Writer

Cornerstone Integration – Insert child org

Snaps used: Record Replay, JSON Splitter, Join, REST Get, Mapper, REST Post, Union


Cornerstone Integration - Org-unit Sync.slp (46.3 KB)
Cornerstone Integration - Org-unit Sync - Insert child org.slp (14.8 KB)