Ultra Task Not Starting

We have an ultra task , we can see that we have documents to be processed but the ultra task isn’t starting also we cant see the task in the dashboard.


Has anyone experienced similar issue recently ?

Hi @nikola.k.popovski

Normally when you create an ultra task it should be seen and active in the 'Executing pipelines of all projects. (image below)

If that is not the case, there are some options:

  • The ultra task is disabled: check the manager and the target project space to see if the task is disabled.
  • The pipeline does not work so that means it either stopped or failed and then you should see it right away in the ‘pipeline Execution history of all project’ (also in the image).

Does this help you further or is that not the case? Let me know.



Hi @JensDeveloper that is not the case , the ultra task is enabled but is doesn’t appear in the dashboard in any state.



Hi @nikola.k.popovski

If you go to the manager tab and go to the task and click on details do you see any logs like the picture below?

Another reason that maybe your Ultra task does not work is the limitation of ultra tasks the following: