Union Snap doesn't appear to be joining streams properly

Hi, I am trying to join documents from 10 exactly the same XLS files. The Union Snap should bring them all into one stream, but only the top file is coming through. Doesn’t work in Validation or in Execution.

Hi @chthroop ,

Good day, I think you might want to use the join snap instead as union will stream another set of document

Using the join snap, you can use the pipe.ruuid as the common id for all the streaming documents


Hi, I am not trying to join disparate data sets to create super set of fields. I have 10 excel files are the exact same format that I simply want to “stack” into one load…

Ahhh ok… now that you have the union snap in place try adding Gate snap at the end to collect all streaming documents and will stack it as an array

So, I did that, and its still only showing the 2 records from the first load… It should show 20 in this. I also tried a gate only, instead of a union+gate, and each source became like “input 0” “input 1” etc… and it was unclear how to turn into a simple list of records…