Upload file to sharepoint document library subfolder

I have a pipeline that uses the SharePoint Online - Upload File snap and it works fine. It uploads the file to a Document Library, “Reports” in this case. I have subfolders in that document library and want to be able to upload the file to one of the SUBFOLDERs in that same library instead. Any ideas on how I can configure the snap to do that?



I guess you should add the absolute path of the directory where the file needs to be created(in the Target path field).

Spiro Taleski


Thank you @Spiro_Taleski. Conceptually, I understand that, however, I am struggling with the syntax. Any insight you can offer on the below?

This works (but only in top level of doc library):
‘Mx_Manual_Ltrs_’ + Date.now().toLocaleDateTimeString({ timeZone: “EST”, format: “yyyy-MM-dd” }) + ‘.xlsx’

This is what I tried for the absolute path to put the file in a subdirectory of the same library.
This does not work.

https://mln.sharepoint.com/:f:/r/sites/MxLettersTeamPeerReview/Shared%20Documents/Reports’+'Mx_Manual_Ltrs_’ + Date.now().toLocaleDateTimeString({ timeZone: “EST”, format: “yyyy-MM-dd” }) + ‘.xlsx’

The error I get is:
Either source/target drive (%s) is not found in the tenant
verify if the drive name exists in the tenant.
The drive name you have entered might not be available in the tenant.


Did you try to disable the expression button for “Target path”?

If disabled, it should suggest the document library/libraries within the RxLettersTeamPeerReview Site.

Then from there, probably you can see/construct the exact path.

Spiro Taleski

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@Spiro_Taleski Thank you. Ironically, I just got help from a co worker who showed me the syntax. Basically, I did not need to put the entire path of the site. The correct syntax ended up being:

“/Reports/”+‘Mx_Manual_Ltrs_’ + Date.now().toLocaleDateTimeString({ timeZone: “EST”, format: “yyyy-MM-dd” }) + ‘.xlsx’

Where “Reports” is the sub dir (under the Doc Library “Documents”) that I put the file.

Thank you again, so much, for being willing to help.

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