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Resolved! Using Mapper to flatten my JSON with Array

I’m trying to flatten my object using a Mapper Snap before I export it to CSV. But I have been unable to map the fields coming in from the child records. Attached is a sample JSON file that represents my input. Script_output0.json (2.8 KB) I have tri...

jordanc by New Contributor II
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Downloading files stored in Google Drive

Dear Community, I have a use case wherein I need to download a file from Google Drive. I followed this guide and the authorization is working fine: Connecting SaaS providers with SnapLogic's OAuth-enabled REST Snaps | SnapLogic Then, I configure RE...

marenas by Contributor
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Resolved! Unique in multiple childs

Hi there, I have a schema like this in which the data looks like below Basically, I am making an API call to insert order Line, and as they are getting inserted, the response result is bringing back the records. starts with 1 then based on the numb...

manohar by Contributor
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Read a zip file

Hello all, I have a requirement where: I am getting a response from a REST GET as a ZIP file. I need to extract out this zip file.Can anyone suggest me a way to do so. Thanks.

Resolved! Script Snap Limit of 50 Documents?

I’m working on transforming some data that’s coming in from a REST GET Snap. The format of the data that is being returned is quite disjointed. Essentially, the headers come in one of the JSON elements, and the data comes in another set. I have to ma...

jordanc by New Contributor II
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