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Record Count per file

Hi, I am reading multiple csv files from a SFTP location. I need to get the # of records per file, so I can put that info in a summary email. Any ideas on how I can retrieve the filename and # of records for each file? Thanks! Dawn

dgetchius by New Contributor
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CSV data fields is greater than Header size

Hi Gooday, I tried reading a csv file from smb server through csv parser . The parser throws the error like “Error parsing at record 6478, content-The number of CSV data fields is greater than the number of header columns in the input data: number of...

Harsha3 by New Contributor III
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Create Key Value Pair Array

Hoping someone can help me out. I have a JSON array. It’s an array of string values and it’s called, washCare. I want to give each value in the array a property name. How would I write the correct mapping to accomplish the following? I thought I coul...