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REST API Paging Issue

Hi, I have a REST API where the page index is passed in the request body. There is no indication of total records, so you must increment the page index in the request body until no records are returned. I cannot see how to do this via the pagination ...

mrcol by New Contributor
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Get order of records within a group

I have a situation something like this: Employee IDEffective DateOffice11/1/2023San Francisco11/1/2024Oakland26/1/2023Sydney212/1/2023Tokyo  I need to add an order column and end date of the previous record column. Can you please suggest any ways of ...

Using Workday RaaS to Extract Data

Using Workday RaaS to Extract Data Workday has a Reporting as a Service (RaaS) interface which allows you to export most data from Workday by creating a custom report within Workday then exposing it as a web service. The output can be various format...