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Resolved! How to stop Parent Pipelines

Hi, I want to understand how an error on a child pipeline impacts the parent. We have a parent pipeline calling a child pipeline with a pool size of 1 so that it processes a series of sql scripts in sequence. I also have an error pipeline which write...

chris_king by New Contributor II
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Snaplogic integration using Netsuite

All, We are experiencing an intermittent issue with our Netsuite integration. Error: Unable to parse XML schema information from the given WSDL Resolution: Please validate XSD and correct Reason: Premature end of file. Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParse...

Sombit by New Contributor
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File writer manipulation

I need your advice with the following, for a process, we need to generate a file in a specific format, almost csv but with some exceptions. This is what I currently generate: icREC12 NL63 Sc 708559;40126;09/11/2019;10/11/2019;25125;0EUR 708558;4012...

Mapper- string to int

Hello. I have a string value being returned. It contains numbers 0,1,2,3,4 and some empty strings. I need to insert this into a int datatype field which allows NULL values. How do I convert the string to int and the blanks to NULL and map. Thanks

vsuresh by New Contributor
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