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Date Parse a String

I have a string in the format = “4-Jul-2017” variable is called “PostingPeriodFormatted” When I throw on a dateparse method in the mapper like so: Date.parse($PostingPeriodFormatted, “yyyy MM dd”) I get the following error: Failure: The date format s...

SQL Server Bulk Load

Hi All, Am trying to load large volumes of data from Amazon S3 onto Sql Server Azure 2014. If I use ‘SQL Server Insert’ then it is taking way longer to load a single big table. Is there a way that bulk load option works without ‘BCP Absolute Path’ on...

asepuri by New Contributor II
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Configuring Single Sign On (SSO) with SAML

Single Sign On is a convenient way for users to log into multiple services without needing to enter their user name and password for each service. SnapLogic supports Single Sign On (SSO) through the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard....

robin by Former Employee
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Redshift with SSL?

Based on documentation on how to configure Redshift via SSL as seen below. How would I “Connect Using the Server Certificate in Java”? Since based on the current suggestion in the doc we are “Connect Without Using the Server Certificate in Java” UR...

aleung by Contributor III
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XML Parsing To Get Values

Hello I am receiving some XML in the following structure/format and want SnapLogic to convert each row to a document with the attributes as the value. So here is the sample of the XML coming in from a DB query where it is stored: When I tag on the X...