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Salesforce Update (not Upsert) by External ID

I’m trying to do a SF update based on External ID … however, the snaps available right now make it look like that’s not possible. I have: Salesforce Update: update based on IdSalesforce Upsert: update or insert based on external id. Can someone advi...

omair by Contributor
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Dynamic Values & the File Poller

Anyone managed to get this to work using dynamic values i.e. ‘MyFileName’‘.txt’ plus does anyone know how to cause this to fail if the file never turns up? Currently it seems to finish with success no matter what.

AdrianH by New Contributor II
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String type to XML

Hi All, How can we convert a string type to XML in snaplogic? Once we upload string.txt in a file reader, what could be the bridge snaps to convert it to XML file! Thanks in advance.

Error when creating SnapLogic asset

Has anyone run into this error? Snap schema retrieval request failed for ? We have a pipeline that creates an archived version of the pipeline du...

Exception handling best practice

Query regarding Error / Exception handling : like we have it in the typical ESB system, for error handling. If the error occurred at say 5th step then it would roll back and end up at the 1st step where we generally handle them. However it does not s...