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Enable editing of expression library file

When designing pipelines we have environment specific parameters (Dev, Test, Prod) in expression libraries. This renders our pipeline development independent of having to alter pipeline parameters or tasks between environments and deploys. However, t...

Resolved! Remove JSON Key when value is "" or null

I have a json [ { "opportunity_Id": "Abc1", "sales_account_id": "Abc2", "account_name": "Pitney Bowes Inc.", "city": "Shelton", "address": "27 Waterview Dr", "requested_by": "", "postal_code": 6484, "fax...

ajs by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Detect XML attribute xsi:nil and apply null value

I am using a SOAP Execute to retrieve information from an API. The payload is being converted to JSON. The problem is any field that is null returns with an attribute of @xsi:nil:“true”. This is just an example subset. There are actually more tha...

Thom by New Contributor II
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JDBC Thin Client: Wallet

Hi, I have a question regarding Oracle Thin Dynamic Account. How could I connect to Oracle ATP with a wallet? Oracle says, the the wallet needs to extracted in a directory. Then I can use the Custom JDBC URL with jdbc:oracle:thin:@dbname_high?TNS_ADM...

Birthe by New Contributor
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