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Deleting a pipeline during its execution


Does a pipeline continue to execute successfully if it is deleted during an execution? I’m hoping the complete pipeline with parameters to execute is sent to snaplex node at the beginning of execution and the pipeline file on the platform is not referred to or needed by the node once execution starts on the node???


Former Employee

I’ll say this question lands squarely under “undefined behavior”. It may work right now, but I would advise you to not depend on it.

Can you describe the flow you’re thinking of where this is going to happen? I would imagine you could use PipelineExecute to run the pipeline in question and then have an AssetDelete snap after that to delete the pipeline when it is finished.

The pipeline and any static references to accounts and child pipelines are sent to the node when an execution is started on a node. We also save a copy of the pipeline so that if it is deleted or modified, we can reload the version used for the execution.