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Force success a pipeline if file not found

New Contributor

Hello Snaplogic Gurus,

I am new to Snaplogic, need your help. How to force success a pipeline if there is no input file to process. Is it possible to completely force success the pipeline or completely skip executing ? 




Hello @mkadange! Can you tell us a little more about the pipeline you have so far? And when you say force success, do you mean returning an HTTP200 to an external API call to the pipeline or showing success in the SnapLogic Dashboard? 

Hello Roger,

Thanks for responding to my question. I have a pipeline that reads an input file and does some sort data massaging and produces an output file. The issue that I am facing is, when there is no file to process, the pipeline should not error out and instead should simply run to success and do nothing, as the pipeline will be scheduled to run on a daily basis and there will not be files on all days.

Thanks so much for your help.