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Groundplex not running on server Snaplex does not detect it

New Contributor

Hi I am trying to run an instance of groundplex on a server but I am not able to see the snaplex dectecting the node, I got jcc_error.json and I see this error:

“ERROR”,“fi”:“”,“msg”:“JCC cannot be initialized properly [Error communicating with SLDB: htt ps:// PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target]”

I ran curl -v h ttps:// as mentioned in this post but the I got a response indicating it is connected.

jcc_error.txt (19.3 KB)

Someone can help to diagnose what is required to do this work?



Welcome to the SnapLogic community !!

The error looks like the request from the Groundplex to the SnapLogic Control plane is hitting a proxy server which is exposing an unrecognized SSL certificate.

Check the Snaplex properties, whether a proxy server is correctly configured. If no proxy is configured, there might be an implicit proxy on the network. The jcc
command can be used to generate a report providing more details about connectivity issues.