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How to use 3rd party python libraries in python Script

New Contributor III

Please can some shed some light on using a third party library (boto3, requests) in a python script

Thank you in advance!


Former Employee

AFAIK 3rd party py libs like boto3 are not currently supported within py script, neverthless you can still invoke your your py scripts that has ref to boto3 libs, the flow is

1 - create py scripts using your fav editor, outside snaplogic and save it on all of snaplogic nodes (aka jcc)
2 - get UnixExec snap from you SnapLogic account team (this is a field snap that you can request from SnapLogic), this will help you run py scripts out side of SnapLogic via ssh on JCC node/system
3 - Add UnixExec snap in your pipeline, where ever you need to invoke your py script


New Contributor III

Thank you so much Bhavin!

I am assuming I can pass pipeline variables as parameters to my python script like we run it on shell. Please can you shed some light on this.

Please help me understand your usecase, what are you trying to do?

New Contributor III

this is something I am trying to do,

processing url using python lib and writing results to s3. I need to pass url, sub_dir_name, doc_name and delimiters as argument to the script