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No Pagination Support on REST Post Snap?

New Contributor II

Hi everyone,

I am using the REST Get snap and it works beautifully for paginated data requests (using the Has Next boolean field and the Next URL field).

I noticed that for some strange reason the REST Post counter-part snap doesn’t have this functionality.

Even though it is less common to hit an HTTP POST endpoint for pagination purposes, I have several APIs that we need to get into production that require a POST and pagination.

Could this functionality being added using the same logic and code (for re-use / lower LOE)?

  • @mbowen who has exceptionally good news for me on my other question last month.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I am getting access to Snaplogic support directly and will likely be able to open tickets and feature requests but I am kind of secondary for our company in terms of vendor feature requests, so I think the forum is appropriate. If you need our lead Snaplogic aligned contacts to open a formal feature request, please let me know.

  • Kurt

New Contributor II

Kurt, did this get turned into a feature request that I could up-vote, or did you get a good alternative solution from support? I have the same issue with the Dropbox Business API List Members endpoint.

I have a workaround but it is rather unsatisfying. It requires three pipelines, nested two deep, and saves the cursor state between POSTS in a database table. I could avoid the issue with the cursor if Execute Pipeline supported recursion, but it doesn’t.


@llacroix - I can say that we have a new Snap Pack that is under development that supports paginated REST Post requests. I do not have the release timing yet for this particular feature, but it is definitely on the list of features to be included.

For now an acceptable workaround is to create a child pipeline that has the REST Post snap (and any other applicable logic) and create a triggered task for it. Then call that triggered task from your main pipeline using REST Get with appropriate pagination based on the response.

@koryknick - was the Snap Pack supporting paginated REST Post requests ever released? 

New Contributor II

@koryknick Thanks for the workaround idea. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but it makes perfect sense after I read through it a couple of times. Basically the child pipeline acts as a proxy/wrapper to the eventual API endpoint, translating at the protocol level.