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Read SOAP Execute Response content which is in CSV and write into a DB table


I am trying to read the SOAP CSV response in Binary form and write each record into a table. The SOAP response in encoded in Binary for as “content” in one big “string” data type

I want to write them into a table by breaking that string into multiple lines which has header information also.

Below is the flow of the pipeline


Below is the response output of the SOAP Execute. the “content” entity has the output in binary form.


The CSV formatter is getting the output as below.


From here, I am not able to break them into individual records to insert them into a Database table. Also, I am not able to read the Header from the output so that i can substitute each value to a variable in a mapper and subsequently insert them into a DB table.

Note, the first line of the output is the Header for the data.

Please advise to resolve this


Contributor II

Hi @arvindnsn ,

Have you configurated the CSV formatter with contains headers? Could you show your configuration of the csv fromatter?
Also is it possible to paste the output in a way that I can copy it and try some transformations with it.
Because right now I don’t have/know the exact expression to get your required result.



Hi @JensDeveloper,

I figured the solution. After converting the Binary to Document, I have to Parse it by using the CSV Parser. In stead, I was using the CSV Formatter before CSV Parser that messed up the whole converted output coming from the BinaryToDocument Snap.

Below is the pipeline flow that worked good.


Thank you
Aravind N

Hi @arvindnsn ,

Aah yeah I see it now also. Good to know.