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Salesforce Subscriber Snap Issue

New Contributor


We’re using the Salesforce Subscriber Snap to subscribe to a Platform Event in our Org and have noticed that it will suddenly stop picking up new events after a period of time (typically after the pipeline has been running for a few weeks). Stopping and re-starting the pipeline results in things working again.

We do have an error pipeline defined, so I do not believe things are failing due to an error. It just seems to stop “listening” for new events.

Has anyone experienced this or have any recommendations?



New Contributor

It’s a bug in the Snap - we have experienced the same issue since your time and we have worked with Snap support to get this resolved and the good news is - it should be fixed June 16th.

The issue is with the way the underlying frameworks re-negotiate a handshake with salesforce via CometD (and / or via the Salesforce EMP framework) - basically after a time when the token expires - SnapLogic will try and renegotiate but it simply will not reconnect without a retart of the pipeline. You do not get an error in the pipeline but rather a warning and it will simply hang there never reconnecting.

New Contributor

NOTE: there is a fix in the wild for this now. Speak to support and they should be able to apply it to your instance(s) for testing.


Not sure if this fix is in place - can SnapLogic support confirm?
We’ve just experienced this issue and had to restart the pipeline.


I can confirm that we have a new fix that is currently in testing. You can expect a new patch release soon. QA for this snap takes time given the nature of the issues. Thanks for your patience.