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What am I doing wrong?


I have a case where I need to simultaneously get data from a few sources, so I again tried to use a script object. I put the data in, and got the data out, and all looked fine. Unfortunately, even routers are skipping lines, or duplicating them. I actually numbered each line in the script by placing the number in a column in each row.

the current logic in the script is very simple. It reads lines in assigns a confidence value, and aggregates the lines. Currenlly, some lines came from as many as 4 source lines, but there is no limiting factor to that. I was curious, so I have another value in each row showing that.

So my question is WHAT could I be doing in a python script in the script object that is not even doing IO, or using any external resources, or files, that could be causing this, and what is the best way to fix it?



It looks like this works if I run it, but not in preview.