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Maven archetype build errors

It seems that the 4.22 archetype is generating code that is failing its own generated unit tests… d:\src\snaplogic-poc\snap-dev\odyssey-api-snappack>mvn clean verify [INFO] Scanning for projects... [INFO] [INFO] -----< com.tylertech.courtsandjustic...

Identify table cell for suggesting values

I’m developing a custom snap which essentially makes a custom query to a backend. I have a table property with columns key and value which encode the query criteria. The backend provides me with APIs to get values for both possible keys as well as po...

mnyolt by New Contributor
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Resolved! Custom Snap- Get response in json format

I am developing a custom SNAP that makes HTTP request and gets JSON response in return. The response is array of objects. In order to right it to document , currently it only shows up if I convert the response to string in following manner: Map<Strin...

DharaSP by New Contributor
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Snap UI settings not showing up

After making few changes, I deployed my snap pack and suddenly snap UI settings do not show up for any of the snaps. I tried clicking on snaps multiple times but no luck. Can someone please help as to what must be going on there ?

DharaSP by New Contributor
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Custom Snap Input Schema is null

Developing a custom snap that is an expression and accepts input schema. This is how I defined my parameter: And this is the error I get when I test it in snaplogic: Any idea of what needs to be done to get the input schema to work?

Get Ouptviews for a custom snap

Hi Experts, I am developing a custom snap which connects to a Mapper. In process(Document document, String s), I get data from the Mapper and then I convert this map data to JSON object by: Map<String, Object> inputDataFromMapper = document.get(Map.c...

JiWon by New Contributor II
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Missing plug-in & dependency in New Snap Project

I am creating a new Snap project using the SnapArchetype 4.24 version. Project initializes and downloads all dependencies except for: Plugin ‘’ not found Dependency ‘com.snaplogic:jsdk:’ not found The POM file ...

jgriffin by New Contributor II
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SnapDataException is swallowing my stack trace string

I’m having an issue right now with how the SnapDataException handles a full stacktrace event. Essentially this happens in developing snaps when we don’t have all the right jar files. The workaround is easy because I can set ERROR on output and chec...

TimBurns by New Contributor III
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