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SnapDataException is swallowing my stack trace string

I’m having an issue right now with how the SnapDataException handles a full stacktrace event. Essentially this happens in developing snaps when we don’t have all the right jar files. The workaround is easy because I can set ERROR on output and chec...

TimBurns by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Dynamically change Snap's settings tab

Hello, I was just wondering if it is possible to “dynamically” change the settings tab of a custom snap. What I mean by this is to dynamically change one field by changing some other field. For example let’s say I have two fields “Locale” and “Amount...

Resolved! Add more default rows to SnapType.TABLE

Hello, I am developing a custom snap and I would like to know if it’s possible to add more default rows to a table. For example the Mapper snap has one default row when we open it. I want something similar to the Snowflake SCD2 snap, when we open th...

Custom Snap Pack versioning is broken?

I have a custom snappack (version = 1, sl_build = 42) deployed in my organization’s shared folder that is in used by multiple projects. I have developed a completely rewritten version of the snappack (version = 2, sl_build = 1) that I have deployed ...

JTest and delayed Property evaluation expressions

I have a pretty simple snap that takes an input payload and performs an operation the payload, starting at a node specified using a “mapping root” property exactly like the Mapper snap. The snap works fine when testing it manually in the UI. I am tr...

Why does the Account connect() method return a string?

I thought I understood the custom Account connect method when using a ValidatableAccount returned a string to display to the user if/when the connect() method succeeds. However, my testing shows me that I can return any string I want and it is NEVER...

Schema Provider exception best practices

In my custom snaps, I am driving schema creation off a knowledge base rather than encoding the schema knowledge into the Snaps themselves. As a result, it is possible that I encounter an error condition when constructing an input or output schema. ...