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Building snaps to handle custom array mapping

@ptaylor I need to build a snap that offers similar capabilities like those in the Mapping snap but I can’t quite figure out how to do it from the developer documentation provided. There are lots of methods on the PropertyBuilder object that are not ...

Back propagation of schemas

I have written custom snaps that advertise their input and output schemas. If I place a mapper directly prior to one of my snaps, the mapper picks up and shows the schema, just as I would expect it to. If I had to write another custom snap (let’s ca...

Iterative Development and static method caching?

I am building a relatively complex custom snap. As part of the snappack, I am bundling some helper classes that contain only static methods. I am seeing weirdness as I make changes and redeploy my snap. The problem is that the configure() method i...

Custom Account Section heading?

How do I create a section heading on the Account Creation/Edit Page like the “Cross-Account IAM Role” heading on the S3 Account class associated with the S3 File Reader/Writer?

Snap SDK Javadocs?

In working on custom snaps, I find myself looking for more information about certain classes/methods in the SDK. I have tried searching for the Javadocs but have not found them. Do these exist? If so, can someone provide a link?

Maven Archetype POM feedback

I have a few comments/questions about the POM generated by the archetype. There is no need to include the maven-compiler-plugin in the POM just to set the source and target versions. That can be accomplished by setting the properties maven.compiler...

Unit Test failure: Non existent view: error0

I am writing a custom transformation snap to build a custom payload for one of our external systems. I have implemented the ErrorSchemaProvider interface and, following the patterns of the view names from the InputSchemaProvider and OutputSchemaProv...

Custom snap Guice error

Hi, We are facing the following error with my custom snap. Has anyone faced this error, is this a known issue? My custom snap pack is a simple one with a snap and an account. Seems like the account injection is failing at certain point, a restart res...