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John Galt Atlas to Salesforce of Forecast Data


Contributed by @asharifian, SnapLogic

This pattern provides an integration between John Galt Atlas and Salesforce. Atlas is a supply chain demand planning application. This integration will insert and update annual forecast data from Atlas to Salesforce.

Key points:

  1. The retrieval of data from Atlas uses the export custom view in JSON API.
  2. Once the forecast data is pulled from Atlas, the integration will do the following in Salesforce: upsert to Opportunities, create opportunity line items (if they don’t already exist in Salesforce), and insert/update the data to opportunity line item schedules. In general, the opportunity object must first be creted, then the opportunity line item, then the opportunity line item schedule.
  3. This integration will generally be run sparingly, maybe once a month to ensure the fiscal year’s forecast data is up to date.

Atlas-SF Annual Forecast Opportunities

z_Atlas-SF Annual Forecast Opportunities-OpportunityLineItem

z_Atlas-SF Annual Forecast Opportunities-Opportunity


A view from John Galt Atlas would need to be created beforehand. The view would contain the data points that you would like to retrieve from Atlas. From there, the “export custom view in JSON” API can be called to get the data from Atlas. The opportunity line item schedule (OLIS) object cannot be upserted in Salesforce, as that is a limitation on the Salesforce side. That is why you see separate Salesforce Create and Salesforce Update snaps for the OLIS object.

Source: John Galt Atlas Forecast Opportunity
Target: Salesforce Opportunity, Opportunity Line Item, Opportunity Line Item Schedule
Snaps used: REST Post, Mapper, CSV Parser, Filter, Salesforce SOQL, Pipeline Execute, Router, Salesforce Update, Salesforce Create, Union, Tail, Salesforce Upsert


Atlas-SF Annual Forecast Opportunities.slp (39.1 KB)
z_Atlas-SF Annual Forecast Opportunities-Opportunity.slp (5.7 KB)
z_Atlas-SF Annual Forecast Opportunities-OpportunityLineItem.slp (9.9 KB)