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Salesforce to John Galt Atlas - Opinion Lines (Opportunity Line Item Schedules) Integration


Created by @asharifian, SnapLogic

This pattern illustrates the integration between Salesforce and John Galt Atlas. Atlas is a supply chain demand planning application. This integration will update opportunity line item schedule (OLIS) quantity information from Salesforce to Atlas. This data is known as opinion lines in Atlas.

Key points:

  1. A Salesforce platform event is used such that upon the update of the quantity on an OLIS, that will have the SnapLogic pipeline consume the platform event and send that information to Atlas.
  2. Pipeline can be in always on state to constantly listen on the platform event.
  3. Atlas is being communicated in two ways: 1) via SQL Server to check if an opinion line record already exists. If it does, then update the record, otherwise insert it. 2) Via the Atlas API’s to Insert or Update the record.
  4. The Insert/Update operations are done via a child pipeline.
  5. Four Salesforce objects are used to retrieve the data. The most important data, Quantity, comes from the OLIS object. The other three objects are Account, Opportunity, and Opportunity Line Item.

Salesforce-Atlas_Forecast Product

z_Salesforce-Atlas_Forecast Product


Basic auth credentials are passed in as the payload to the REST Post Snap to retrieve the bearer token from John Galt Atlas. This can be done via the HTTP Entity and using the account.username and account.password statements.In addition, ensure the correct “profile” value is being used in the endpoints when calling Atlas.

Sources: Salesforce Opportunity, Opportunity Line Item, Opportunity Line Item Schedule
Targets: John Galt Atlas Forecast Opportunity
Snaps used: Salesforce Subscriber, Salesforce Read, Mapper, Copy, Router, Join, Filter, SQL Server - Select, REST Post, REST Patch, Union, Pipeline Execute


Salesforce-Atlas_Forecast Product.slp (35.4 KB)
z_Salesforce-Atlas_Forecast Product.slp (12.8 KB)