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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations to Salesforce-Customer Upsert


Created by @asharifian, SnapLogic

This pattern illustrates the insert of customer accounts from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations. Key points:

  1. The Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations OData REST API is used for the insert operation.
  2. A Salesforce Subscriber Snap is used to capture account creations in Salesforce, via a platform event in Salesforce.
  3. A customer account identifier value is generated within SnapLogic to send to Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations, and upon the insert in Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations, send back to Salesforce. This will marry the record between Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations and Salesforce.
  4. To prevent duplicates, you can modify the pipeline to either:
    a. Filter out Salesforce records that have the ERP_Customer_Id__c custom field populated because if that field is populated, it means that record was already sent to Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations in the past.
    b. Use a Router Snap to update the record in Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations unless the ERP_Customer_Id__c custom field is already populated in Salesforce. In that case, you can use the Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations Update custom Snap.

Salesforce-Dynamics FO Customers - Ali Sharifian


OData API’s need to be enabled/set up in Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations in order to use them. OData API’s are used for CRUD operations.

Sources: Salesforce Account
Targets: Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations Customers
Snaps used: Salesforce Subscriber, Salesforce Read, Router, Mapper, Union, Salesforce Update


Salesforce-Dynamics FO Customer Profiles.slp (21.2 KB)