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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations to Salesforce-Upsert of Customer (Account) data


Created by @asharifian, SnapLogic

This pattern illustrates the upsert of customer account details from Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations to Salesforce. Key points:

  1. API’s utilizing the data management framework from Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations are utilized for this integration. Specifically, triggering the export project in Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations and retrieving the generated export data from Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations.
  2. The Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations bulk export feature is used.
  3. The pipeline will first trigger an export in Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations, then generate the exported data (as binary via the output view of the second bulk export snap).
  4. The exported data is generated as a zip file.
  5. The zip file is decompressed and its data streamed through to be upserted to Salesforce.
  6. The past 200 exports execution ID’s are stored for logging. The execution ID can be used to re-generate the export from 365 - Finance & Operations.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 2.58.33 PM


A bulk export project in Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations would need to be created for the entity being used in the pipeline. In the case of this pattern, Customers.

In addition, the Bulk Export outputs a different data type when one result is returned vs more than one (an object for a single record and an array for more than one). That is why this pattern has a router to differentiate and handle the two data types.

Sources: Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations Customers
Targets: Salesforce Account
Snaps used: REST Post, Join, Copy, Mapper, File Reader, JSON Parser, Head
JSON Formatter, File Writer, ZipFile Read, Binary to Document, Document to Binary, XML Parser, Router, Union, Filter, Salesforce Upsert


Dynamics FO-Salesforce-Customer Upsert.slp (47.2 KB)